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Isabella Pridat-Zapp
08-04-10, 09:12
NEWSolutions kündigt IBM Announcement Special an

Das IBM Announcement Special :


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KOSTENBEITRAG - Print und/oder elektronische Verbreitung

als Anbieter-Advertorial (1/3 Seite 350E) gedruckt im Announcement Special NEWSolutions

als elektronisches Anbieter-Advertorial verschickt im Announcement Special Newsletter sowie gepostet im Forum
(Aufpreis für Print-Teilnehmer: 70E; nur Newsletter+Forum: 170E)


Buchung ab sofort, Platzierung in Reihenfolge des Buchungseingangs

Druck und elektr. Versand: Juni 2010 (ET NEWSolutions = ab Mitte Juni)

elektronischer Versand des Announcement Specials kurz nach dem Druck als Newsletter an unsere ca. 6500 Newsletter-Leser und zeitgleich Veröffentlichung des kompletten Specials im Forum in den eServer Nachrichten


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SAMPLES of last Announcement Vendor-Comments / Product Intros
(BUT: in NEWSolutions 950 ch + photo + address-line!)

Busch & Partner (http://www.pcsacc400.com/)
"The process of converting our programs that run on i5/OS V5R3 and V5R4 was fast and provided an accurate/error-free adjustment to run on IBM i 6.1. All programs are working without any problems after installation. We're looking forward to the restructured Rational tools and the new System i POWER6 hardware, which we are going to install as soon as possible."

— Rolf Busch, CIO
Busch & Partner

"CA's upgrade testing for our CA 2E and CA Plex application development environments with IBM's latest version of i5/OS has been smooth and straightforward. We are pleased to see that several new features were added to i 6.1, particularly the integrated Web Services server for ILE, which we feel will further position the System i as a compelling platform for developing and delivering SOA-based applications."

— Daniel Leigh, Development Director
CA, Inc.

"Help/Systems, Inc. has been in the early ship program since the AS/400 was first announced. We again are pleased to have been included for i 6.1. Thousands of customers worldwide depend on the Robot Automated Operations Solution and SEQUEL software for systems monitoring, job scheduling, security, encryption, backup and recovery, business intelligence, storage management and impact analysis.

We are excited about i 6.1 for the stated improvements in Java Performance and the endorsement of encryption for backup and recovery. Robot/SAVE has been doing this for 2 years already and helps to legitimize software encryption for i5/OS. Installation on a i5/OS BladeCenter will help to provide i5/OS appliances for our suite of systems management products and we look forward to this new hardware."

— Tom Huntington, Vice President of Technical Services
Help/Systems, Inc.

"IBS is very pleased to see how easy it was to upgrade to i 6.1 even though it is a major upgrade for the operating system. The enhancements to this upgrade, which include extending Java functionality and enhancing the already industry leading security, made this an easy choice for us. We are very excited as our clients worldwide go forward with this new update."

— André Lundqvist, Technical Manager R&D

"With IBM's announcement of IBM i 6.1 we enter a new era of this well known, powerful and reliable business-solutions platform. Here at Infoniqa we are proud to support this announcement and also the new POWER6 Technology. Our Software Development Department has participated in the i 6.1 Beta Program and is pleased to announce that all our applications are already prepared for i 6.1. During the next two years our System i team will focus on POWER6, i 6.1, IBM Enterprise Storage (DS8000) and the integration of the new POWER6 blades with i5/OS."

— Hans Reisinger, Managing Director

Infor's ERP Xpert application was easily running on IBM i 6.1. The conversion process was performed smoothly and quickly. For us one of the biggest improvements in i 6.1 is the once more enhanced Java performance: Our application is running well on V5R3, with V5R4 we experienced a huge performance gain without any hardware cost. Now with i 6.1 we see just another performance boost for our customers!

— Thorsten Reuper, Vice President Development EMEA

"Information Builder's WebFOCUS provides customers with incredibly flexible, reliable, scalable and accessible choices for capitalizing on information. Key to our Business Intelligence solution is database query optimization technology," said Gerald Cohen, CEO of Information Builders. "We continue to be impressed with the highly scalable, high performance, and low manageability attributes of DB2 for IBM i. With the 6.1 version of DB2 for IBM i, more WebFOCUS customers worldwide can take advantage of the self adapting, self learning query optimizer technology. Combined with the new Power 6 based line of servers, we are excited about the benefits of running WebFOCUS and IBM's DB2 Web Query (based on WebFOCUS technology) on DB2 for IBM i 6.1."

— Gerald Cohen, CEO
Information Builders

"Linoma Software has extensively tested our products RPG Toolbox, Surveyor/400, Crypto Complete and GoAnywhere on i 6.1 and have encountered no issues. The performance has been great, especially with the new JVM. We fully support i 6.1 and look forward to our customers taking advantage of the new features and power available in i 6.1."

— Brian Pick, Sales Manager
Linoma Software

"StarQuest Ventures, Inc. specializes in deploying cross-platform solutions based upon Open Standards. StarQuest has certified its StarSQL DRDA compliant ODBC and JDBC drivers for Windows and UNIX platforms for use with IBM i 6.1. StarQuest has also certified its Java-based, real-time replication solution for i5/OS and Microsoft SQL Server. SQDR Plus/iSeries may be deployed using either the Classic and new JAVA VM support of i 6.1."

— Paul Rampel, President
StarQuest Ventures, Inc.

TRADER’S S.A. (http://www.quick-software-line.com/eng/home.php)
"Trader’s is pleased to announce that its software, Quick-EDD/HA, fully supports the new IBM i 6.1 operating system. The IBM team did a great job and sent a clear message to the market about nice perspectives for the System i. IBM i 6.1 offers significant and advanced features such as new database functionality and SQL improvements to open the door to lead other OS like AIX and new servers like IBM BladeCenter. Quick-EDD/HA is fully adapted to i 6.1 and will provide additional benefits to our clients. It has never been so “Switch Ready”! Our product remains ServerProven and the transition to i 6.1 for our customers should be transparent.”

— Thierry Roux, CEO

Zend Technologies, Ltd. (http://www.zend.com/en/partners/strategic/i5os)
"Zend has been collaborating with IBM over the past six months to enhance the delivery of it's product suite for the IBM i 6.1 release. We are delighted to announce the results have been extraordinary with an increase in the performance of Zend's industry leading PHP application server -- Core and Platform -- running on IBM i 6.1. Zend remains committed to continue supporting customer's efforts to leverage their existing infrastructure and move to SOA. IBM's continued efforts with partners to improve the customer experience of i5/OS cannot be understated."

— Jim Dillard, IBM Alliance Manager
Zend Technologies, Ltd.