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Isabella Pridat-Zapp
24-01-11, 21:32
=> updated on April 11, 2011 for April - June/July issues

Editorial Preview NEWSolutions 2011

The recent April IBM Announcements will be our lead article => for preview summary see NEWSwatch IBM Announcement Special Newsletter (print Subscribers - registered Forum Users)

May Issue 2011 (print)

to conclude the big Spring 2011 Focus on ERP:

ERP: ERP-Implementation - the survival approach (Part 2)

ERP as a Cloud Solution: Selection Criteria(Part 2)

ERP: Interview Sultanow/Zapp: Supply Chain Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry incl. RFID Chips, Infrastructure, product security aspects, etc.


- BI/Analytics:
1. Harvest Benefit from existing data;
2. BI Special Pages, pls see below

IBM 100 year anniversary
Watson, Genomics and more

- Security: Social Media

- App.Mod.: Design Recovery

- RDi besser nutzen

- Journals: common mistakes

Special Pages May issue: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Content / Knowledge Management, Dashboard, MIS, ECM
as always: with product intros/demos + case studies, Address/Logos and the 2 low-budget special format ads at 320E/560E

(eDossier on these topics is upcoming soon - call to participate now)

Starting production soon: the next electronic focus issue in May 2011:

NEWSolutions e Dossier ERP+add-ons
(pls see example for eDossier further down)

If you want to contribute, please contact Kirsten Steer by phone or mail T. +49 (0)8196 - 7084
or call me T. +49 (0)8196 - 206 339 (best 10-12am German time).

~~~PREVIEW next print issue:

Special Pages June/July issue:
1. Arch., DMS, Forms, Printing
2. Middleware + Mobile Devices
as always: with product intros/demos + case studies, Address/Logos and the 2 low-budget special format ads at 320E/560E
IBM Poll: Security of Handhelds


Links - recently published:

90-page eDossier on
IBM Announcements 2010 (http://newsolutions.de/it/)
(free for subscribers)

NEWSolutions Multi-Media (http://newsolutions.de/forum-systemi-as400-i5-iseries/../it/media-info/)Information 2011
with Editorial Planning 2011 (1-page-spreadsheet) and new Marketing-Options is now online.


Currently running Topics/Series through Q3 2011
- Cloud => Series
- HR, Pers./Career => Series cont`d,
=> new series starting: Enterprise Security vs Social Media
- High Availability => Series cont`d
- Security => Series cont`d
- Application Modernization Series, presently on Working with Legacy Apps. to make the best of past investment (e.g..Appl. Mapping on IBM i)
- RDI => Series cont`d
- BI => Series cont`d
- series von Mobile Applications

- ERP-Focus to end with May issue (next ERP in Product Monography, end of August)