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    Smile Autumn/Winter: Choose now Three Special advertising opportunities with NEWSolutions

    Marketing with NEWSolutions
    Winter 2010 / 2011

    Issues: eDossier followed by
    Tool Focus Issue January 2011
    print + electronic

    Dear Vendor,

    there will be some special marketing opportunities with NEWSolutions print and electronic in the upcoming months - pls see details below.

    The planned
    editorial content (updated today) will provide an excellent background for promoting your products and services.

    Here is the schedule: We are now starting pre-production of NEWSolutions January (with annual Tool Focus) and the eBook Dossier IBM Announcements 2010.

    The annual Tool focus is to come out mid-January like last year, Tool Special Newsletter will follow with publication of the Venor Tools in our Forum. Please see some ideas on special advertising opportunities below.

    For your inspiration you can also now browse through previous issues online - here is the direct ePaper link.

    Here you can order a one-time set of free Magazine samples for your Marketing Meetings by choosing the FREEabo. Potential subscribers can order a free TRIALabo (2 issues, no passwords) or choose a MINIabo (incl. passwords) at a welcoming price.

    I would be most happy to discuss these Marketing opportunities to find out what may be best suited to your needs.

    Please do not hesitate to call me - best from 10am-12am German time.

    Kind regards,

    Tel. +49 8196 206 339 - Skype Isabella5047

    Three Special advertising opportunities
    in NEWSolutions
    in Autumn/Winter

    Opportunity One

    We shall publish the Dossier on IBM Announcements 2010 including Open Access reporting as an eBook - free for our subscribers.
    Advertising opportunities:
    Horizontal sponsoring Advertisement 1/4 page 250 Euro.
    Full Page Advertorial 350 Euro.

    Opportunity Two

    The annual print Tool Focus which we do in print presents Hot Tips and Vendors´Tools - combined on the same page running side by side

    Hot Tips and Vendors´Tool Presentations.
    This is very popular, although participation costs money if you are not a current advertiser at the time: 1/4 page tool presentation 230E (700 Ch), 1/3 page presentation 300E (950 Ch), 1/2 page presentation 450E (1700 Ch), full page 850E (3600C).

    To look at last year´s, please follow the ePaper link to issue => Dec./Jan.2010.

    Opportunity Three

    The same Tool Presentations are then all included in the mailing of the
    NEWSwatch Tool Special at the end of January/beginning of Feb. to our abt. 6500 Newsletter-registered Forum Users and Subscribers at an additional cost of 20%.

    It is also possible to participate only in this mailing without previous print publication. The price is 80% of the print price for the desired size.

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    Smile Aktualisiert am 12.12.2010

    Passend zu dieser Marketing Vorschau senden wir Ihnen gerne den Redaktionsplan 2011 (Tabelle)
    +49 8196 206 339 oder
    +49 8196 7084

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