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eDossier BigData / Analytics / Business Intelligence

11. März 2014 | Von

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen heute das „BigData / Analytics / Business Intelligence“ (2014) als wertvolle Arbeitshilfe zu übergeben.

Neuerungen für DB2 for i mit TR6

12. November 2013 | Von

Mike Cain, Team Leader des IBM DB2 for i Center of Excellence in Minnesota, erklärt anhand einiger Beispiele, welche Verbesserungen das Technology Refresh 6 mit den Februar 2013 Announcements für DB2 bringt.

Display Access Paths Utility (eng)

11. November 2008 | Von

NEWSolutions: RPG and Cobol developers spend a lot of time with Display Database Relations (DSPDBR) and Display File Description (DSPFD) trying to work out which access path is the most appropriate to use. Neither of these, though, shows access path details in a straightforward list. If you’re like me, you are a bit frustrated with IBM for not giving us a simple, clean way to see what access paths exist over a file and what their details are. I’ve written a utility called Display Access Paths (DSPACP) to solve this problem. Here, I give you the details you need to use DSPACP quickly and easily.